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People change careers for many reasons. You may have completed your last tour in the military and are ready to find a new path. Maybe you have discovered a new passion and this is the right time to explore it. Or, perhaps you need to find an environment better suited to your personality, abilities, goals and desires. Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place!

Vantage Point specializes in match-making employees with employers to ensure a long-term fit. We will alleviate, through our proprietary interviewing processes, key issues that may ultimately be deal-breakers for you or the employer!

We understand people. This is not a data-to-data approach. We don’t consider you a number either. Through the application of both art and science we have discovered how unlikely candidates and employers may be a perfect for each other. We have the happy couples and clients to prove it too!

Unlike many firms who favor the employer in placement, Vantage Point stands at a fixed position between you and the employer as a fair and balanced advocate to create sustaining connections.

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Whether you work in an office, turn a wrench, engineer technology, wear a tie or come home covered in dirt and sweat, he’ll meet you where you’re at, listen and develop connections for long term career growth and organizational success.

Because we listen, we get the job done for you, and better than anyone else.